absath (absath) wrote,

This journal is dead

This journal, for all intents and purposes, is dead.

Back when I turned my Live Journal into my sketchdump, I promised myself it was a temporary solution until I could set up a more permanant journal/art gallery. It's time that I moved this little shindig over to an environment that is entirely under my control, rather than working within the limitations of a preprogrammed environment. Even one with as many customization options as LiveJournal.

I have just finished setting up a new journal system. In the near future I will begin work on integrating an image gallery/archiving system, for easy browsing of all of my sketches.

I will still post new sketches with my journal updates, as I did here. However with this new system I will have more control over over who sees what.

Once the new Journal is up and running, I will create a syndicated LJ account for it. This means that you will be able to add it to your friends list as if it were a livejournal account, and still see the sketches and posts in your friends list.

I will post the URL to the new journal here as soon as I feel it is ready.
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